Certified Disadvantaged and Minority Business Enterprise

The Hardwick Law Firm is certified by the City of Kansas City, Missouri as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and a Small Local Business Enterprise (SBLE). The Firm—comprised entirely of minority and female attorneys and staff—proudly exemplifies a strong commitment to excellence and diversity.

As a certified DBE/MBE/SBLE, the Hardwick Law Firm has immediate, personal experience understanding the significance of businesses in early-stage development and minority and women business enterprise formation and participation requirements.

Significantly, as counsel to numerous state and local public bodies as well as real estate developers seeking project financing and incentives, the Hardwick Law Firm is conversant on public procurement and incentive policies designed to enhance the participation of qualified minority and women-owned businesses in providing goods and services. Therefore, the Hardwick Law Firm is uniquely able to advise its clients on the requirements of affirmative action policies while fulfilling their client’s needs to comply —all while providing expert and innovative legal advice.